The Ghost From Netflix’s Latest Horror Discusses her Burgeoning Acting Career

Elliot Frances Flynn (right) portraying Ella Smit, the spirit who haunts the house in Things Heard & Seen

Government Inaction & Toxic Individualism Resulted in Tens of Thousands of Deaths in the U.S. — We Need Restructure

Photo by Mufid Majnun on Unsplash

Both Avatars Achieved Incredible Feats Before & After They Reached Adulthood

Aang & Korra

The Fusions, Gems and Humans Of Steven Universe Have Vibrant & Complex Personalities

Upper left & right: Sardonyx & Amethyst. Lower left & right: Rose & Greg, Steven & Opal

Internalizing The Homeworld Caste System & A Toxic Relationship Resulted In Many Struggles For Pearl

Maria Antoniette Norris

Maria is an independent filmmaker, animator, writer, and intersectional feminist from Syracuse NY ✰✰

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